Thursday, October 05, 2006

Chocolate-y Goodness

I wanted to post some pictures of some of the BL fiber I have spun on the spindle for Rob's monk sweater. 116 yds spun, only 1000+ to go!!! Yikes! This stuff is amazing, it's so soft and fluffy. I spin it into relatively thin singles, but when I ply it, it blooms and makes the softest, cushiest yarn.
I got some great advice from Hello Yarn. Thanks Adrian! I wound the singles off onto toilet paper tubes and mounted them on a spare shoe box and stood across the room to even out the twist.

I also used Marnie's tips on achieving balanced yarn on a spindle, and when I finished plying, I had a beautiful perfectly balanced skein of yarn.
Isn't it pretty, the color is such a rich, chocolate-y brown. And, there is very minimal shedding. Excuse the leg in the background, I really need to get a Swift Model #GLI-222.

For those of you who like the cooking portion of this blog, I made "Bea's Famous Chicken Curry". Not the salad, but curry. Actually, it's not my recipe, it's Maya Kaimal's Chandran's Chicken Curry. The only thing I change is she sauteed zucchini and squash with basically the same spices she uses in the curry with the addition of mustard seeds and serves that as a side dish. To minimize on time and dirty dishes, I just add my veggies to the curry and it turns out pretty well. I served it with jasmine rice, if you haven't cooked jasmine rice before, it really complements the taste of this curry and has the best smell when cooking. Here is a picture of the finished product.
You can check out the pictures I took of the cooking process HERE.


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You are very ambitious! The yarn looks great. Are you going to do the whole sweater on a spindle?