Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Miss You Robby

This is the only way I can get him really interested in food, if I let him "feed" himself.Ok, I know I just saw you at lunch, but you're so darn cute, I can't help it! No new knitting content, big surprise, huh? We've been so busy moving into our new house, I haven't had the git-er-done to get knitting done, just slogging away on my baby entrelac blanket for my good friend's baby, due in a little over a month, eeep! He's starting to pull himself up from a scooting position to standing. It's hard to say whether he's any good at just plain old sitting down, because he never wants to sit, it's either scooting or standing for him. Lord help me....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Here are some pictures of the goodies I got at Knitch in Atlanta. Their customer service was great, they had a basket of toys and didn't bat an eye at Robby scooting all over the place polishing the floor with his drool. Since I have such a great LYS, I just bought stuff I haven't found there. I got this book,two skeins of Malabrigo,3 skeins of Cascade 220,and I can't find the 4th skein I bought of the Cascade 220 in a reddish purple. The Malabrigo is for the Baby Surprise Jacket, I've been inspired by Adrian's BSJ. I'm going to make the biggest size so Robby will fit into it this winter. Talk about soft, I've heard alot about Malabrigo on the blogs, it's a single ply and will probably pill quite a bit, but I don't care, it will make a beautiful jacket for The Turd, and did I mention it was soft? The Cascade is for a felted vest I want to make for my Aunt, inspired by this. I'll have to buy a copy of Felted Knits. Does anyone have this book? What do you think of it? Are their other good patterns besides the vest? The EZ book is awesome, I love how she writes, very inspiring, and I'm watching Jared and Adrian's progress on their Tomten's because I want to knit one for Rob one of these days.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

All I want for Christmas

is my two front teeth! Robby is 6 months old as of June 4th! During our trip to Atlanta, Robby has grown by leaps and bounds, after two incredibly fussy days, he sprouted one of his bottom teeth, and in the past few days, the second one has emerged. Now that his bottom teeth have almost come in, he's been such a happy baby, smiling at Wal-Mart cashiers and anyone else who catches his eye! When we were in Atlanta he also started scooting all over the place. He doesn't crawl, he pulls himself along the floor with his arms and uses his toes to push on the floor.He is definitely a baby on the move! My parents and halmoni were so impressed, they kept saying how fast he was for his age. We would all be sitting down to dinner and I would set Robby down on the floor so I could eat, next thing you know, Robby is scooting towards the table so he can join the party! My family said he is such an easy baby, they hardly ever heard him cry, and he played by himself really well. He didn't show too much stranger anxiety, and only cried when someone else tried to hold him a few times, he warmed up very quickly to my auntand uncleand seemed to instantly develop a connection with my halmoniand my uncle's oldest sister. He was fascinated with his cousin Christine, anytime she was around he would just stare at her and try to catch up to her!Despite all the fun, I could tell he missed being home. Robby is getting so big, he weighs almost 20 lbs! He spends less and less time in the sling, but when he's hurting or tired, he just wants to be snuggled. He loves taking baths, he's discovered the fun of water and likes to splash, but does it all with a very serious look on his face. Due to his new scooting abilities, I've found this kid is interested in ANYTHING that's not a baby toy, including: plastic bags (very dangerous), any kind of paper, dog cage, bed frame, suitcase wheel, laptop bag, electrical cords, tv stands, wood trim, door stopper thingys, chair legs, long pile carpet, tassels on rugs, this has made life more difficult, but it's kind of funny seeing what he will go for next! I haven't consistently fed him solids, a fingertip of plum and avocado last night, he liked it! I LOVE his personality, he's so happy generally, and has the BEST laugh. He loves to "walk" around the house and one of his new favorite activities is being "flown" around the house on his Aunt Olivia's shoulders. He still likes to nap in my lap, but he is starting to nap on his own in our bed once a day, I know I'm way behind on this aspect, but it's worked out ok for me. Anyway enough of my rambling, happy 6th month birthday Robby, we love you!