Thursday, March 29, 2007

Procrastination is my middle name...

Ok, so we are moving out of our 850 sq ft apartment into my brother in law's house for a week or two, until the remodels on our house are done. We are supposed to be out this Saturday, so you guys know what that means. Time to...try on hats!

Hmmm, the situation in the Mideast looks interesting.Naah, I'll just eat the paper instead of read it.
Wanna go fishing?Why is everyone laughing? Heck, I'll join in. Chicken or steak?

Lynda Jo

this one's for you. My knit night buddy had a dream I named Robby "G" for Gangsta. This is how he rolls.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

1/2 an FO

I finished one Jaywalker sock, I had a lot of fun knitting this sock. And once I picked them back up out of the unfinished pile, I zoomed right along with the easy stitch pattern. The Lorna's Laces yarn worked up beautifully. I love handknit socks, I have yet to knit a pair for myself, but they feel so good on your feet.Now I just need to finish the second one!Next time I make socks, I'm going to try a toe up version, because I don't really like doing kitchener stitch.I have to post lots of pictures of FO's because they are so few and far between lately, but hey, check out the neat color effect on the sole of the sock!Just one more, I swear.And now for a Robby update. He is really starting to laugh and squeal! Especially when Daddy eats his arms and his legs and his belly. I have to try and capture the moment on tape and post it for you all to hear, because it's a very funny gravelly (sp?) laugh. Sorry about the blurry picture, I was crawling on my stomach, Navy Seal style to try and get this picture without Robby getting distracted. I was so worried about Rob not bonding to Robby at first, but it looks like all my fears were unfounded. It just takes time, and for the first few months, all Robby needed was to have his physical needs met and be in a warm, cozy, small space. But now, he's stretching out, growing up, noticing the world around him, wanting to explore, walk, fly, crawl, and watch other people. Especially in new environments, he likes to do all those things from the safety of his mommy or daddy's arms, and when we hold him, we can see him soaking up his environment. Attachment parenting has its "dark side", the part where they are attached, ALL the time, and there are those times where I just want to knit or sew or do anything by myself, but then, Robby smiles or laughs or kicks his legs in excitement, and it buoys me up for the next day. As a new mom, I've learned if you are just exhausted with the phase your baby is in, wait a week or two, it will change.

The thing

about sewing cloth diapers, is no matter how butt ugly your sewing is, you have to REALLY booger it up for it not to work.Robby was nice enough to sit in his swing for 45 minutes, while I got some of these sewn up. I just need to finish putting on the foldover elastic, and then when I get my serger, I'm going to sew the inner soaker pads.The color side is the waterproof layer, and on the other side is white microfleece, that's the side that touches Robby's skin. Hopefully the microfleece will act as a wicking layer, drawing the moisture into the removable soaker pad. The pattern is a Chloe Toes diaper pattern. The version I'm making is the pocket diaper. In the back there will be an opening that allows me to stuff the diaper with an absorbent insert. When I finish sewing all the elastic on, I'm going to use a snap press to put snaps on the diaper. I sewed up this style of diaper for convenience, they act alot like disposables, waterproof, once the pocket is stuffed, you just put them on and go! I've used both disposables and cloth and really, cloth isn't that much more of a hassle than disposable. At home I keep Robby in a prefold without a cover, and that helps keep diaper rash at bay. When Robby was a newborn, it was definitely harder because he went #2 a LOT, as all babies do, but now that he's a little older and doesn't go #2 at night anymore, and maybe every other day, it's become a lot easier. I've also found that cloth diapers are MUCH better at keeping messes in. You know those infant #2 blowouts? The ones where poo goes all the way up the babies back, soaking an outfit? The only time I have had those is in a disposable. In a cloth diaper, the worst was I get a little leak. And for laundry, I haven't had too bad of a problem with stains. Especially with breastfed babies, you don't need to scrape off solids or anything like that, their poo is totally water soluble so it just gets washed away, and I have a tiny front loading washer, so you don't have to have anything fancy to get your diapers clean. This post is for those moms who are considering cloth diapers, knitting content to come!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mr. Rogers talks to the US senate

I found this video on Ann and Kay's website. It made me want to cry. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers, I was so fascinated with the trolley going into the land of make believe. As a child I never saw the significance of his words, but looking back on it, I can see how his message is so refreshing from what you normally see on TV, and how important it is for children to grow up hearing that they are valued. Today would have been Mr. Roger's 79th birthday.

Friday, March 16, 2007


I've made some progress on the Jaywalker's I'm knitting for my grandma-in-law, or Maw Maw. I love knitting with Lorna's Laces and I love this Jaywalker pattern, I can see why it's so popular, it's easy to knit, but it's interesting enough, especially with a striping yarn, to hold your attention.Judging from Robby's activities that he likes to do, I'm thinking this is a very plausible career choice.What do you guys think? I think he's got the guns, do you?His favorite thing to do is stand, albeit on very wobbly legs!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The big blue booger sucker of death...

Something I've been having to do about every other day is clear Robby's nose in the morning. Babies aren't really good at breathing out of their mouth if their nose is stuffed up so as bad as I hate to do it, I have to break this out.This is Robby's face as he sees the big blue booger sucker of death coming closer and closer.In other news, I finished my Anemoi Mittens! I still need to block and sew in the ends, but I'll wait on that. Here is a picture of the left one, the right one is resting in her vacation home at the LYS for the spring and summer.And to end this post here is a little baby chin for breakfast!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My kingdom for a yarn needle...

I'm so close to finishing these socks for my aunt, but I can't find a yarn needle to finish the toe. Check out this yummy yarn I got from Jessie.It's a blend of 70% Romney/Corriedale and 30% mohair. It's so soft and squishy, I don't know if it's the mohair or the wool, but it has a very silky feel to it. I got the yarn with this pattern in mind, but now I'm thinking maybe a lacy rectangular stole, maybe something like this? Help! I can't make up my mind!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Why my allowance should be higher..

Alternative titles to this post:

1. Mooooo.
2. Why I wish I didn't have to walk through the breakroom at work to get to the bathroom.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Robby aka the Michelin Man

Robby didn't want to disappoint some fans, so here are some pictures!

This weekend

I watched thisthisand did this.Needless to say, my house is a mess. Babel was a good movie, but dang it was depressing! And I liked The Departed, but I don't think they said the f*&! word enough in the movie...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I finished

one Anemoi Mitten, I'll block and weave in the ends when I finish the second one. I'm hoping blocking will even out some of the inconsistencies in the knitting, especially when I'm carrying colors from one DPN to another, my tension was a little funky, so you can see a ridge where the yarn didn't have enough slack.This was a really fun project, and the knitting moved pretty quickly (quick being a relative term since Robby's arrival).And to cap off my yarn spree, I ordered some yarn from one of my favorite bloggers, I'll keep you guys in suspense until it gets here! And because this blog entry wouldn't be complete without a Robby story, Friday night, he got really fussy and everything I did just didn't work, so finally I just laid him down on his bouncy chair and daddy came over and started playing with him, and he actually got Robby to laugh! That was the first laugh I've heard, and I've never been able to make him laugh! That was the first time he actually fussed because he wanted daddy to play with him! I was worried because it didn't seem like Robby was bonding to dad at all, but it looks like my fears were unfounded. People always say this time goes by fast, it wasn't feeling that way, but it seems like overnight Robby has become this little person that interacts with the world around him. Check out the forehead wrinkles, hee hee.

Friday, March 02, 2007


No, not THAT kind of booty, I'm talking about my LYS's Clearance Sale booty. For the red and orange Blue Sky Alpaca, I'm thinking of some kind of dainty cardigan, or a short sleeved sweater, or maybe a striped v-neck??For, the Classic AL, I have a trusty crochet hat that looks kind of like a 20's flapper hat that has been very popular with my family for Christmas gifts. I think I'll make one or two, and post the pattern. Maybe a long, cabled, belted cardigan? This was a Vivian Hoxbro kit, I'm going to use the yarn for some kind of yoke cardigan or sweater, I would like to try out the steeking thing, the yarn is 100% shetland wool, so it would be perfect for it.More GOA just in case I don't have enough to finish my Rebecca sweater.This is the only thing I've bought besides the GOA that I had a specific pattern in mind. I think this will knit up quick and be nice for the spring and summer. It was 3.75 a ball, you can't beat that with a stick!Paradoxically, these additions to my stash have reinspired me to get my existing projects out the door to make room for the new projects. I've always wanted to design my own knitwear, so this is a good opportunity to continue what I started with Rob's Banana Republic Sweater. So, I'm determined to finish my Rebecca sweater and all the other stuff I've got laying around the house. So, maybe I went a little (ok a LOT) overboard, but I've been good and saved my allowance! Plus, I figure all the money I'm saving breastfeeding and cloth diapering, why the heck not?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Slowly but surely...

Well, I frogged the entrelac blanket and started over on size 5 needles, and I'm much happier with the results. I also learned how to knit backwards from this tutorial! It is helping things go faster because I don't have to keep turning my work, and my stockinette is much more consistent, I tend to purl loosely, so knitting backwards helps my work look much more even.I love taking pictures of entrelac, it's so multi-dimensional... In other knitting news, my most favorite LYS is having it's spring clearance sale, yippeee! I went this morning and scoped everything out but will be coming back tonight with a game plan. Plus they are having a party for all their loyal customers to celebrate the first ever shipment of Koigu! I love that stuff, I volunteered my one almost finished Anemoi Mitten as a sample knit. I'm also going to start teaching crochet classes again in March. Yay! More yarn money :D If anyone in the area is interested in learning, it's 30 dollars + materials for two 2-hour sessions on March 10 and 14. We do a very cute beanie made out of Rowan Big Wool. If you read this blog and live in Northwest Arkansas get your tushies over to Handheld Knitting and take advantage of the sale! See how well he holds his head up! He loves the blanket that all the wonderful ladies at my knitting group made for him. He likes to touch all the different textures of the blanket and look at the patterns. My new goal is to blog more consistently, it's one of the things I love, talking about knitting and motherhood and it really makes my day to hear from all of you!