Thursday, June 19, 2008

two posts..

in a week! just popping in to show you guys my progress on Somewhat Cowl, she's so lovely! who knows, maybe i'm just giddy because robby's been sleeping a seven hour stretch from midnight to 7am! and it only took 18 months!
i'm seriously considering whittling down my yarn stash with a stash sale, the two large tupperwares are getting a little ridiculous....

Monday, June 16, 2008


hey everyone, i missed you guys, not a day goes by that i don't think about posting some of my FOs and WIPs, but with a new work schedule, and life just being hectic, it's been hard to find motivation to get a photo shoot together!

lots of exciting things on the knitting front, i finished indigo ripples, i love the skirt, it's really comfy, but it's just a wee bit too big for me.
it was a relatively quick knit, so i may do this one again, and give the skirt to my sis (who is going to harvard for grad school in the fall :( any readers from the boston area?)
this is a skirt i made out of some lovely anna maria horner fabric i got from my local quilt shop, i love the crazy print, and it is a super comfy skirt, especially in this hot weather! my only trouble is i have a hard time trying to figure out what shirt to wear with it.

i've been doing the bulky knits thing, i finished this sweater in three days, i used some rowan big wool i got on sale, at a LYS. i feel kind of "meh" about it, maybe i'll feel differently about it in the winter. I think it's the big open lacy, stitch pattern, it feels strange to me. and i don't like the way the collar fits.
i have caught the chunky knits bug, as a mom to a very active 18 month old, these bulky knits make me feel very productive because i can accomplish so much in an hour or two. i've started this wenlan chia sweater from big city knits, it's more my style than the karate sweater.
it's three strands of cascade 220, and 1 strand of kidsilk haze, it will be a lovely warm sweater, although i may look like a polar bear in it! these chunky knits don't exactly have a slimming effect :D
remember that somewhat cowl from my previous post? the knitting goddess got me good for not gauge swatching, it was too big, so i frogged it and started with cherry. this is definitely a better match.

since i love the somewhat cowl pattern so much, i decided to use the yarn called for in the pattern, and i've already got to the point where i'm knitting the body, i think this will turn out so much better, i love this sweater so much already, and the yarn is so beautiful!
and last but not least, i'm also working on thermal.i've wanted to knit this since the pattern came out, but i didn't find a yarn i liked until i found this punta del sol merino cashmere blend on sale at a LYS. it's really soft, and will make a great winter sweater.

phew! i'm glad to have gotten all those out in the open, i have one more sweater i started, another chunky knit, but i'll save that for later. i've been keeping up with all of you guy's blogs, i'm loving everything i'm seeing, i hope i will have more time to comment and blog myself!