Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Finito!August Pictures 228August Pictures 229August Pictures 221


Yarn: Fino Alpaca with a Twist
Needles: Size 4 Addi Lace
Started: Early June
Finished: Late August

I don't have much to say about this, except that I love lace, and that I'm rigging up some blocking wires for the next go-round! Oh, and Addi Turbos are awesome, and even though nupps are hard, they are so worth the effort.

Edited to add: I blocked the sh#! out of this shawl. Also, I wanted to say that there are a few people I know of in the knitting world who are suffering from multiple myeloma. Alot of people know of Gerry, Annie Modiesitt's husband, and I *kind of* personally know Betty. Julie is doing the York Beach Light the Night Walk to raise money for doing research to develop new treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. Last year she raised $1216 dollars! Let's help her reach her goal of $1500, she's got some great prizes in the raffle, so go check it out!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ch ch changes

You guys might have noticed that I took down all of Robby's pictures off of this blog, I'm hearing more and more stories of predators using pictures of kids on the internet for nefarious purposes, so I thought, hey, maybe I'll just make this blog about knitting! Hahaha! I will be setting up a private blog so I can keep friends and family updated on Mr. Robby's latest adventures, so if you would still like to see His Cuteness, just comment and let me know, and I can put you on the list! Who am I kidding, my knitted objects are so few and far between, Robby's the real star of the show these days anyway :) To appease you all, here are pictures of the Snug as a Bug Entrelac Blanket in all of it's blocked glory, right now, it's with it's new owners, keeping their little one...well..snug as a bug!
August Pictures 134
August Pictures 139
August Pictures 050
August Pictures 052
Louet Opal Sport Weight - 2 skeins of each color
Post blocking size - almost 3'x4'
Used size 5 knitting needles
Pattern downloaded from Parikha's blog.
Start date: About 9 months ago :P

In our next installment: Completed Swallowtail!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And I thought last week was bad...

Well ya'll it's been a pretty bad week, I know I've done a lot of whining on this blog lately, it just seems like when it rains it pours! Sorry about that, blogging is my therapy :P Robby had a terrible day on Monday, even with me he was crying inconsolably, and my gut kept telling me that something besides the toofs were bothering him. Tuesday was better, but this morning I took him to the emergency room. I'll spare you guys the gory details, but you know those little foil wrappers on wine bottles? Robby had eaten one, probably picked it up off my not so clean kitchen floor, and he swallowed it, digested it, it went all the way through his tummy, intestines, and got stuck on the exit ramp if you guys know what I mean, I saw it this morning when I was changing his diaper. So, I rushed him on over to the emergency room, everything is ok, the blockage was extracted, and prescriptions were filled, there were some cuts, but the doctor said it's pretty normal, especially when kids get constipated, and these things heal pretty quickly. They did x-rays and there are no more bits of foil in his tummy, whew. Robby's with his Aunt Amanda now, but I'm counting the hours until I can see him again. I just feel SO bad. I'm sure it will be funny one of these days, but honestly, what the heck am I gonna do when he starts driving? It just scares the crap out of me sometimes! So if you guys could send Robby some get well vibes through the blogosphere, I know he doesn't know what's going on, he was back to his ol' self(except for the toofs), I'm sure he felt some relief, I just hope he heals up very quickly! I'll leave you guys with some of the latest pictures of His Chubbiness.