Sunday, January 27, 2008

i *heart* tangled yoke

..what's that? you want another picture? ooookkkk.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

late nights...

I'm starting my first Baby Surprise Jacket for a new addition to our clan (not me). It's done in Blue Sky Cotton, a chocolate brown and pink.This is a bobbin full of the brown BFL, I started spindle spinning a long time ago.
I'm having such a fun time with my new wheel, I stayed up till 1am one morning, not a good thing when your little one gets up at 6am and still doesn't sleep through the night :P No matter, I'll catch up on my sleep in 7-10 years!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A new baby...

Not the people kind of baby, but a neglected Jensen Tina II (my guess from pictures online), that I got for FREE from my good friend at my most favorite LYS. I'm going to use it until I get a wheel of my very own someday, isn't she lovely? Tina's got all her parts, she just needs a proper drive band, and a good dusting. I'm getting the hang of spinning, after this picture was taken, I got into a groove and spun some decent stuff, I can say that spindling really helped because I knew how to draft consistently.

And then Robby woke up from his nap!

Friday, January 04, 2008


We've been struck down with yucky sickness, as my hubby said earlier today "my throat feels like I've swallowed hot toxic sand." Robby is feeling fine, I'm just doing my best to nurse this cold and keep him from licking shoe soles and eating day old pancetta bits that have fallen on the floor.

You guys are so nice, sticking with me so far, and for your patience, I've got some goodies to show you. After some discussion and three failed sleeves on the Adult Tomten, I'm giving up on it, and making myself a Demi from Vintage Knits. I'm using the Beaverslide Fisherman Weight. It's bobble-licious.This is the Tangled Yoke, I've got the body done up to the armholes and am now working on the first sleeve. I'm using Rowan Cashsoft 4-ply.
Christmas came and went in a blur, I made lots of knitted gifts, and stayed up many late nights, I made three Gretel's, a pattern from Ysolda, and a pair of fingerless mitts for the husband. I've also started on a Noro scarf for my cousin, I know it's a very belated Christmas gift, but that's ok.

Check out Robby's blog at (sorry for the lack of linkage, blogspot is doing something funky). If you don't have the super secret password, just leave me a comment!