Saturday, October 13, 2007


I finished R's little tomten. It's big for him, but that's ok, I need to sew in a zipper eventually too.This was a relatively quick knit, I actually finished a few weeks ago, but it just now got cold enough where Robby could wear it. He always tries to pull the hood off. I love how it turned out, the modular construction kept the knitting interesting, and the Malabrigo was lovely to work with. The neon green border is actually a little brighter than it looked on the screen when I bought it online, but it works, I think. I will be able to see Robby in the dark!I'll post some of the pictures on Robby's special blog so you guys can get your daily dose of cuteness!...Oh wait, you guys are still here! I have another FO to show you! Remember that Rebecca sweater that I was having so much trouble with? After two years it's finally DONE. Thanks to some gentle prompting by Mrs. Knitsane, I got enough get up and go to finish seaming the sweater up. And despite my gauge issues and mistakes, I'm really happy with it. It's a perfect fall sweater and is very warm and comfortable. And because the yarn is a cotton/acrylic blend, it's easy to take care's murder to knit, but I can just throw it in the wash!Hello. I have bad posture.While seaming and cursing this sweater, I thought, why didn't I just do it in the round? But thanks to Wry Punster's thoughtful blog entries on sweater construction, I realized, this heavy, heavy sweater, needed the rigid line of seams that go up the sides of the sweater to give it some stability, kind of like supporting beams in a house.Without the seams, the sweater would continue to sag and hang way too low. Since the yarn is very non-stretchy, the seams are very rigid, and they help the sweater keep it's shape. There is no real waste shaping, the 2x2 rib on the sides kind of act as waist shaping.

Now you guys know me too well, to know that when I finish one project I automatically MUST start another one. I'm continuing to work on Rob's Adult Tomten, I finished the short row sleeve cap shaping on it, and am going to work a few rows into the sleeve to decide whether it works or not. I took pretty good notes, so I'll try and explain what I did in a later post.

I've been obsessing over Eunny's Autumn Rose, and wanted to do it in green and purple hues. I ordered a buttload of Jamieson's Spindrift and have been experimenting with different colors. This is what I have so far, I'm going to rip out to the cuff and replace the white with dark gray and add in some blues.It's been fun, knitting with different color combos and seeing what works and what doesn't.

Thanks for reading and sticking with me thus far! If you want an invite to Robby's special blog, just e-mail me at robunderscorebeaatmsndotcom!