Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I have achieved a milestone in my blogging, I got tagged for the 8 random things meme, AND by two people! From Rachel Ann, and from Beth! Ok, I've thought long and hard about this one.

The rules:

1: Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.

2: People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these

3: At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.

4: Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. I am a one handed yoyo expert. Back in college, I worked at a yoyo store in Chattanooga, TN called Yo Mamma, (i'm serious), and at a yoyo/kite store on the Huntington Beach, CA pier. I can do all kinds of tricks, and even went to Hawaii with a group of kids from HB to the World Yoyo Championships. I totally choked in our group performance. No matter how awesome my Brain Twister or Atom Smasher is, the one trick I get the most requests for is Rock the Baby and Walk the Dog. I have a special yoyo case with a foam insert for about 15 yoyos, the holes are all filled up. One time, while I was yoyoing on the pier, it was getting dark, and while doing a Shoot the Moon, I smacked myself in the face, good thing the yoyo was rubber. Oh yeah, the Smothers Brother's? AWESOME.
2. I taught myself how to knit as a little girl living in the Bronx. I taught myself out of library books, and it took forever for me to understand how to do it. I just found out a few years ago, I was actually knitting through the back loops.
3. I have weird cravings for canned meat, SPAM, vienna sausages, corned beef hash, sardines. I don't often indulge in those cravings, because it's so bad for you, but every once in a while, I make me some SPAM fried rice.
4. I went to college and got a degree in electrical engineering, I didn't get very good grades, but I am working in my field doing 3D modeling on the compooter. I was inspired to get this degree by the light show at a U2 concert I went to my freshman year of college. Turns out, real engineering isn't quite that glamorous, sigh... It did pay off, I was able to wire every dang receptacle and light in our last house.
5. My favorite TV show of all time is I Love Lucy, I think I've seen every episode, and know all kinds of weird trivia about the show.
6. I LOVE garlic, raw, roasted, fried, baked, pickled, I love it. When my husband and I were dating I went home to visit my family and ate so much Korean food, when I came back, he said he could smell the gsrlic oozing from my pores. Good thing he likes garlic too.
7. I gained 50 lbs while pregnant with Robby. When Rob had to help me out of chairs, he had to plant his feet and get a goood grip. I have since lost the weight and can fit into my old jeans. Anybody know a cure for stretch marks?
8. I watched the Bachelor finale last night, this is the first Bachelor I've actually watched all the way through, I was rooting for Tessa. This is the most embarassing random fact I think.

I tag anyone who reads this blog and wants to participate!


Nancy said...

I'm amazingly impressed with your yo-yo prowess. I suck at the yo-yo, always have.

Francesca said...

That's quite an impressive assortment of random facts. :)
Hey, given your love of garlic, if you ever find yourself in LA, you'll have to go to The Stinking Rose. It's a restaurant that does only garlic.

mames said...

hi bea, i just read your comment and thought i would visit. congrats on your baby and garlic, huh? let me tell you an awesome treat...take really fine slivers of raw garlic and really good irish cheddar cheese (dubliner works)and eat them together. it is sooooo good but powerfully stinky. my hub and i learned that one from 2 german gals in an irish hostel.
anyway, thank you for reading, i love haning found another blog to read. amiles.

NYCityMama said...

wow! i like the yoyo one, I never had the patience to practice all the tricks! Yay for losing the baby weight, I also lost it all within the first few weeks after Xzavier was born. thank God!
Your from the BX?! I used to live in Kingsbridge off the D train, until I moved in with my DH in BK! do you still live there?

tiennie said...

I am too uncoordinated on the yoyo thing but I have that weird craving for canned meats with rice too. Especially spicy sardines and rice or spam and rice. Is it an Asian thing?

tiennie said...

Oh I forgot - great job on losing all that weight too!

Kyong said...

hi bea! hope you're having a fantastic time with your halmuni - i'm sure she's all wrapped up in her lovely shawl right about now.

i loved reading your meme. so many intriguing facts! i just got tagged too for this same one. i didn't put this on my list, but i too was rooting for tessa!

Michele said...

hi bea! darn it, i was going to tag you for the random meme. :) so got 2 tags and an almost tag.

enjoyed your random list.

Beth said...

Wow! Yo-yos, electrical engineering, SPAM, I Love Lucy, and knitting all rolled into one person. That is random! :)

vanessa said...

i was rooting for tessa also ;-)
your baby is adorable!

Cookie said...

OMG! Spam fried rice! Does that ever bring back memories. That used to be the only way my mother ever made it! Is that Korean? Our family's Korean friend taught her that.
Lol. My dh just heard me laughing, asked me what about. When I told him, he said, "That sounds good."
"Too bad, Lovie. Our Spam days are over. Cholesterol and high blood pressure, don't you know."

Oh, if you are ever in Austin, Minnesota, don't miss the Spam Museum. It is a hoot.