Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mr. Rogers talks to the US senate

I found this video on Ann and Kay's website. It made me want to cry. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers, I was so fascinated with the trolley going into the land of make believe. As a child I never saw the significance of his words, but looking back on it, I can see how his message is so refreshing from what you normally see on TV, and how important it is for children to grow up hearing that they are valued. Today would have been Mr. Roger's 79th birthday.


Anonymous said...

We watched it when my daughter was growing up. There were times when she and I would go out and when we got back, hubby would be watching it! Loved that man - he was as good as they get.

Anonymous said...

I only watched Mr. Rogers when I was older (junior high, just because I was fascinated by it), and I thought his messages were very good. He was a good man. We need more shows like his and less of the mind-numbing reality shows.

- MJ

tiennie said...

I can remember coming home and in from the pouring rain and curling up on the couch nice and warm and watching Mr. Rogers. I watched him far later in my years than I should have but he is so comforting to me.