Sunday, March 25, 2007

1/2 an FO

I finished one Jaywalker sock, I had a lot of fun knitting this sock. And once I picked them back up out of the unfinished pile, I zoomed right along with the easy stitch pattern. The Lorna's Laces yarn worked up beautifully. I love handknit socks, I have yet to knit a pair for myself, but they feel so good on your feet.Now I just need to finish the second one!Next time I make socks, I'm going to try a toe up version, because I don't really like doing kitchener stitch.I have to post lots of pictures of FO's because they are so few and far between lately, but hey, check out the neat color effect on the sole of the sock!Just one more, I swear.And now for a Robby update. He is really starting to laugh and squeal! Especially when Daddy eats his arms and his legs and his belly. I have to try and capture the moment on tape and post it for you all to hear, because it's a very funny gravelly (sp?) laugh. Sorry about the blurry picture, I was crawling on my stomach, Navy Seal style to try and get this picture without Robby getting distracted. I was so worried about Rob not bonding to Robby at first, but it looks like all my fears were unfounded. It just takes time, and for the first few months, all Robby needed was to have his physical needs met and be in a warm, cozy, small space. But now, he's stretching out, growing up, noticing the world around him, wanting to explore, walk, fly, crawl, and watch other people. Especially in new environments, he likes to do all those things from the safety of his mommy or daddy's arms, and when we hold him, we can see him soaking up his environment. Attachment parenting has its "dark side", the part where they are attached, ALL the time, and there are those times where I just want to knit or sew or do anything by myself, but then, Robby smiles or laughs or kicks his legs in excitement, and it buoys me up for the next day. As a new mom, I've learned if you are just exhausted with the phase your baby is in, wait a week or two, it will change.


Crunchy Hippie Mom said...

I love the socks. My boyfriend and I also attachment parent and I'm going through the same thing. It was great when she slept most of the time, but now she is getting older and is awake most of the day. I used to have some free time to knit and do other stuff, but now like all my attention goes to her.

tiennie said...

He is too cute!

Great jaywalker!

Kyong said...

Oh, your sock puts my sock to shame. It is really lovely and knitted so beautifully. Nary a twisted stitch! :) Robbie is so cute! What a grin! Thanks for cluing me into My Korean Kitchen - I love the photos and recipes on it!

Anonymous said...

Robby is too cute! He looks so happy, too :)

Your sock is lovely.