Sunday, March 04, 2007

I finished

one Anemoi Mitten, I'll block and weave in the ends when I finish the second one. I'm hoping blocking will even out some of the inconsistencies in the knitting, especially when I'm carrying colors from one DPN to another, my tension was a little funky, so you can see a ridge where the yarn didn't have enough slack.This was a really fun project, and the knitting moved pretty quickly (quick being a relative term since Robby's arrival).And to cap off my yarn spree, I ordered some yarn from one of my favorite bloggers, I'll keep you guys in suspense until it gets here! And because this blog entry wouldn't be complete without a Robby story, Friday night, he got really fussy and everything I did just didn't work, so finally I just laid him down on his bouncy chair and daddy came over and started playing with him, and he actually got Robby to laugh! That was the first laugh I've heard, and I've never been able to make him laugh! That was the first time he actually fussed because he wanted daddy to play with him! I was worried because it didn't seem like Robby was bonding to dad at all, but it looks like my fears were unfounded. People always say this time goes by fast, it wasn't feeling that way, but it seems like overnight Robby has become this little person that interacts with the world around him. Check out the forehead wrinkles, hee hee.


tiennie said...

Your anemois are beautiful! I had trouble with the carrying too on DPNs so I switched and taught myself magic loop, then the knitting went much easier.

Your wee one is so cute! I miss these little stages they go through so it's fun reliving them through your posts. Baby laughs are the best!

jessie said...

How you can possibly have time for Anemoi mittens (and to order yarn from me) while keeping up with a baby is amazing in itself.

The mittens are beautiful and so is the baby. Isn't it amazing how fast they change? I once wrote a column about how babies need all these accessories (bouncy seat, crib, high chair, playpen, backpack, stroller, bath seat, changing table, blah blah blah) and you acquire it in a landslide. And then one day, (in our case, about a year, because we adopted our daughter at 8 months) it's all useless. It seemed like stuff we were going to use forever. Not so.

Cherish the moments!