Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Spin, Spin, Spin, and Cloth Diapers

This past week, I have been working on spinning up some undyed Blueface Leicester top I got from Hello Yarn. I read on sweet georgia's blog that one of her favorite wools to spin with was BFL, so I thought I would give it a shot. I separated them into strips about the width of my thumb then drafted each strips really well, because I wanted to spin a much thinner yarn.

Not bad, eh? My goal is to spin enough to make a baby sweater. I'm going to ply two singles together to make a worsted weight-ish yarn. I really want to do a laceweight yarn, but I need to wait till my birthday, because I want a Golding spindle. I was thinking that I would die the roving with Kool-Aid, but I decided to spin up different thicknesses, and dye them different colors depending on what I wanted them for.

I'm pretty happy with the consistency of my yarn, I'm a little nervous I may have underspun some sections, but I will make that up and overspin the two-ply. There are so many things I want to do and make. This pregnancy is flying by, only 11 weeks left! I feel like there is so much I have to do. We aren't really doing a nursery or anything like that, but today I got the bug to try and make my own cloth nappies(diapers), and ordered a pattern online, and there is still a bunch of stuff I want to make for little Robby Cubed. Oh to be a housewife and get to stay at home full time and work on all these crafty things I want to do.

I discovered another great crafty blog. SouleMama inspires me with her sewing skills, and I really admire the way she interacts with her children. Her kids are so creative, and really seem to benefit from lack of TV and lots of playtime outside acting out the Wizard of Oz... I'm so ready to be out in the woods with Rob and our brood of kids, spinning, knitting, cooking and enjoying life.


Allen said...

I've done a little spinning in my day. I once made maybe five inches of some strong sting from some fibers from a plant at a primative skills gathering. And last spring break while in south Arkansas I grabbed some cotton off the side of the road and make like ten inches of yarn and like four inches of thread. All of which by hand with none of those fancy high falutin tools.

brooklyn tweed said...

hey Bea - i couldn't find your e-mail address so thought I'd respond via comment.

If you check out the finished post about the Seamless Hybrid, I explain exactly how to do the turned hem with two colors. Check it out at:
(look just below the detail photo of the hems...)

Thanks! Feel free to contact me again if you have questions about it.


Adrian said...

When you ply, but your lazy kate (I used to make my own by winding the singles off into toilet paper tubes and then suspending the tubes in a show box on knitting needles I'd stabbed through the sides) far away from you- like across the room. The twist on the yarn will even out some on its long journey to the spindle.