Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Spinning Project

I got this great superwash merino roving from Hello Yarn along with a beginners Louet spindle. I was so excited to get started, I didn't take any pictures of everything I got in the mail, and I didn't have a blog then anyway. The spinning went really well, I spun up about 80+ yards total of a slubby single slightly thinner than worsted, then I plyed two strands together to create this....

Isn't it purty? I made a little baby hat for Robby Cubed. More pictures to come. Unfortunately, the first casualty of my weekend of spinning was my Louet spindle. Adrian at Hello Yarn was great and she is sending me a new spindle to replace the defective one.

I think for my next spinning project, I'm going to order a pound of Bluefaced Leicester wool and try my hand at dyeing it with Kool-Aid. Knitty has a great Kool-Aid tutorial . Of course, I also have a ton of other projects I'm currently working on. A baby blanket from Last Minute Knitted gifts done in Mission Falls Wool, AAAHHHHH no more garter stitch!!!!! And a sweater from last year's Summer Issue of Rebecca, done in black GOA.

More knitting goodness to come!

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Linda C. Apple said...

I love your blog spot! Wow, it's amazing how different your yarn looks plyed! Such a knitting genius. Robby cubed is such a lucky little guy!