Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cloth Diapers Part II

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for their encouraging comments and compliments on Robby and being a mom. They really encourage me and help me feel good about what I am doing! Also, Robby is just so blown away by everyone thinking he is so cute, he is starting to get a big head (oh wait he already has a big head like his mommy and daddy :D).

I'm embarking on sewing the next size up cloth diapers for Robby. I put in a big order for fabric AND an industrial snap press! I'm pretty excited. My plan is to make a better diaper so I can start using cloth diapers exclusively. For those of you who are interested, I'm going to be making two types of diapers, the first type is a pocket diaper with a PUL outer and a microfleece inner, which I will stuff with hemp soakers. I'm hoping the microfleece will help wick moisture away from Robby's skin into the soaker part of the diaper, and the PUL will prevent wetness from soaking through. I'm also going to make a regular fitted diaper out of hemp jersey and fleece with the same microfleece layer inside to help Robby feel dry, and I'm thinking about trying to make wool covers out of old wool sweaters that I will felt, and I might also knit a cover or two and felt them for special occasions. Robby is almost too big for the newborn diapers I made him, so I'm hoping I can get the new batch finished in the next couple weeks!


Trish said...

If you knit covers (soakers) from wool and lanolize them properly you will not need to felt them for it to work properly. You can even make shorts and pants to act as covers over fitteds. I often use soaker pants to put my ds in at night because he sometimes leaks from his pocket diaper and it keeps our bed from getting wet. You should check out the forums at, there are lots of moms with experience in cloth diapers and knitting soakers.

Judy said...

First of all, I congratulate you for doing something that most new moms dream to do and then toss that idea out the window when the little one is born. My intention was to use cloth diapers and I even asked my sister-in-law to send me some cloth diapers and protectors from Korea. She did. Few months went by and Christine was born. Ah, JOY! Then, sleepless nights, breastfeeding, cracked ni--les, aching breasts,... I chucked the idea of cloth diapers out the window.

Anyway, it's great that you're going with cloth diapers. :-)

Jackie said...

He is so cute! I found your blog linked from Noolie's, and I just wanted to say that you are doing the best thing ever for your little guy. What a great mommy! Super crafty too!

My oldest is five and while I didn't cloth diaper him (I did my two-year-old) I did the sling, the co-sleeping, the breastfeeding til he was three, and he is the most secure loving independant kid ever.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Meleah said...

Hey Bea!
Meleah here....What pattern are you going to use? I didn't ever make any cloth dipes. I was given most of my stash and bought the rest. I kind of wish I HAD made some now though. I have the Honey Boy pattern if you wanna looksie ;)