Saturday, July 14, 2007

The blanket

is done! I just have to weave in 40 ends, YUCK. Oh for other exciting news, I got namedby Jessie! Thanks Jessie! I feel honored to join the ranks of all you other bloggers, it is amazing how much happiness, fun, and friendship I have gotten in the past year! I couldn't even narrow down 5 bloggers to name as Rockin' Girl Blogger, I think you guys are all awesome! And Robby says thanks too. And just to show how we aren't all fun and games around here, here is a picture of Robby when he wakes up from a nap and realized he's not in my lap :PHe's even cute when he's bawling, the little toot, he is SO sad. I also realized this last week that he wakes up from naps because he has to go to the bathroom, so I tried taking him to the bathroom to potty and it works! Weird, huh? Robby gives the blanket his seal of approval.See those little shoes he's wearing? I got them from Johanna. Her daughter Kaya was born the same day as Robby and is EXTREMELY cute, maybe Robby's future girlfriend :) Johanna makes shoes to sell on her etsy shop. These shoes are awesome, they are very flexible, which is good for babies feet, and they don't come off. Robby is an extremely active baby, and while crawling, scooting, walking, kicking, they didn't slip off once! And only 13 dollars for a custom pair made for Robby's big ol' feet.Oh yeah, I better explain, see I was reading through my bloglines, and came across this. My husband saw it and told me this is the sweater that he's been wanting me to knit for him forever, so, I put in an order for some of the Beaverslide color cards. I'm a little nervous about all the mods Brooklyn Tweed did, the smaller hood, the short row shaping in the shoulders, etc., so I'm making a miniature version for Robby using the Malabrigo I got from Knitch. The yarn is a dream to knit up, so soft, and the chunky garter stitch is a nice departure from the entrelac done on sport weight, ugh, and the lace stuff I've been doing. I still love you Swallowtail, but Momma needs a break.


Monika said...

Well, congratulations on finishing the blanket! Only 40 ends! That's nothing! ;o) Robby is way cute, I remember my son always cried when he woke up after a nap as well.
The green stuff is wonderful. I LOVE this color mixture!

Jofrog said...

I'm so glad the shoes got to you safely and that they stay on his feet!

Isn't Malabrigo a dream? Ooooh if only I was a baby lucky enough to have a sweater made out of it. Enjoy the knitting!

Anonymous said...

He is cute even when he's crying! Great shoes; I've been looking at them on Johanna's Etsy shop. I think they are adorable.

Absolutely great job on the blanket; I see Robby thinks so too :)

tiennie said...

Yay! You are pretty rockin'!

That's amazing that Robby went potty after his nap. Are you going to keep it up?

Can't wait to see the sweater for hubby.

Romi said...

The blanket is superb! Wow.

You're going to love Beaverslide yarns! And they are such nice people! :)

Lauren S. said...

Beatiful blanket. I'm a wannabe knitter. I've only done scarves - the kind with gaping holes and mangled ends. :) I'm feeling inspired to pick it back up though.

If it makes you feel better (or not) Hannah still wakes up badly from naps. She flails her arms, kicks her legs and screams, "NO! NO! NO!" It's very unpleasant. Plenty of adults wake up grumpy too. They just have some how learned to subdue their tantrum-like reflexes. :)

Kyong said...

that hoodie sweater's gonna be awesome. my gosh, i think robby cannot help being impossibly cute.

bea, you are rockin'. i gotta get off my butt and start knittin' like you...well, at least knittin'. ;)

Monika said...

Thanks for the magazine! It came today. Getting mail always makes my day! A little thank you is on it's way to you! ;o)

Mrs J said...

awww, poor robby. :-) my son doesn't wake up happy unless someone is right next to him. if he's in his crib, he stands up and whines/cries until we pick him up.